Hundreds of Lynchings in Charlotte a few years or so ago

Typical Charlotte Resident.

The Observer has a new Tommy and She is from Charlotte.

You remember how until McClatchy took over the paper we had hundreds of lynchings here in Charlotte or actually the South apparently just a few years ago.

Anyway this writer is going to tell us how to look at ourselves and what we should think.

This is a real departure for The Charlotte Observer.

Charlotte look or whatever they call this story, Click Here

Some people just love to live and wallow in the past, so they do not have to explore their own faults and the Observer needs to wallow, more than the average group.

Franco in Washington, finally a balanced story

Click here for Franco’s story for the Observer

More of the fairness, Observer

So far Franco has been the voice of The Charlotte Observer for every little nuance for Illegals in the Charlotte area, and now they put him in Washington. So far his stories have been just what the Observer agenda needed.

But this one seems to be a departure.

Who knows what is going on at the Observer?

McClatchy, your Charlotte paper, is not even trying to cover all points except liberal

Patrick Talamantes

This is an open plea for fairness from Elaine Lintecum, and Patrick Talamantes of The McClatchy Corporation.

The Charlotte Observer has been the daily paper and voice of Charlotte.  As a native I have seen the best and the worst of times for it.  When I say worst I am speaking of just how far left the Charlotte Observer has become.  They do not even try to speak for me or the many Conservatives here in Charlotte.

Not one real Conservative is on the Editorial Staff, and not one real Conservative is on the writing staff.  They pepper a story once in a while but the whole agenda is easy to see and it all involves a liberal bent.  I challenge you to do what I did and note the positive stories for the liberal agenda over any stories they present as fair.  

Editorials which debase Conservatives are common place, Stories which debase Conservatives are common place.  The comment section is ripe with liberal comments while Conservatives are banned and all comments from the months past are removed.

And note how stories which trash Conservatives are allowed to keep the comments coming, while those few stories they pepper, and just tell what a Liberal did that was wrong, and which attract Conservative ire, are quickly allowed no comments.

Oh and the political endorsements is always a joy to see every year as is the why we endorse and how fair our process is, is always a hoot for us in Charlotte, as we already know who they will endorse.

I have tried for the last few years to get some fairness from the Charlotte Observer.

I have spoken directly with Rick Thames and tried to reach Ann Caulkins but my discussion with Rick was that the Observer was so fair they needed to lean more to the left.

All we want is some representation for the Conservative Point Of View.

How about leaning fair instead of forward and represent all the voices in Charlotte?  Please get Conservatives at The Charlotte Observer.


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